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2023-07-19T14:45:02+02:0018 July 2023|

Porite Europe took part in MetFoam 2023 in Dresden alongside CellMobility, our partner in the development of metallic foams. At this event, various universities, research institutes and industrialists presented their work on the production of metallic foams, their characterization and simulation of their behavior, as well as their applications, particularly in the energy sector with

Metal Foam

2023-07-07T15:26:22+02:0025 January 2023|

First production line set up in early 2022. A new line of development for the Porite Group Porite Taiwan and CellMobility have signed a partnership agreement for the development and industrialization of metal foams: The "CryoStructTM" foam has a pore size between 10 and 20µm, and the density can be adapted between 15% and 85%

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