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From technical support to delivery, a single point of contact: Porite Europe

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Commercial and technical development.

We support your design offices in the development of your new projects, to facilitate communication with our design offices.
In collaboration with our factories, we draw up quotations according to the required Incoterm.
For Initial Sample. launches, we manage the PPAP documentation and the presentation of the Initial Samples.
We support your teams in Asia during quality audits.
At your request, we can organize one-day training sessions for a more in-depth presentation of our technologies, the design rules and the materials used.


We manage your safety stocks, the level of which is decided in agreement with your purchasing and/or logistics department. Every week, a comparative analysis of your needs, past deliveries and our work-in-progress determines the orders we need to launch into production. In the event of unusual variations, our sales department will contact your supplier.
Every quarter, we check that safety stock levels remain in line with your programs.

Sintering mechanical parts


Surface treatments are done in France with our network of subcontractors, close to Porite Europe. On At your request we can repackage your parts in KLT or other packaging.

Sintering mechanical parts
Sintering mechanical parts
Sintering mechanical parts
Sintering mechanical parts