The Porite Group in brief

One of the world leaders in the manufacturing of sintered mechanical parts.

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Established in 1952 in Japan, the founder decided to focus his efforts on the manufacture of self-lubricating micro-rings. A powerful R&D department and numerous patents made him the world leader for electric motor manufacturers and other users of micro-rings.

The opening of our Taiwan plant in 1968 marked the starting point of a diversification strategy: with the manufacture of sintered mechanical parts for the automotive industry.

It is also our first export site, accounting for 80% of the plant’s sales, with Europe as its primary destination.

The Yangzhou plant in China was set up in 1994 and focuses its efforts on developing the domestic market. The company is recognized in China for its ability to support OEM and carmaker project teams in the development of sintered mechanical parts.

The automotive sector has become an important focus of the Group’s development, while maintaining a strategy of diversifying our business sectors: power tools, micro motors, household appliances and mechanical engineering. 

In 1993, Porite Taiwan opened a subsidiary in the Paris region of France, Porite Europe, which became the operational interface for the French and European markets.

Sintered parts manufacturing

The Porite Group has become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of sintered mechanical parts, and is the world N°1 in the manufacture of self-lubricating micro-rings with internal diameters from 0.6mm to 3/4mm for micro-electric motor and other applications.

The Taiwan plant remains the reference site for the development of sintered mechanical parts, MIM, 3D printing and now metal foam.

The Porite Group in Numbers

70 years of experience
10 production plants in Asia, 1 in the USA
5,025 employees
750 million micro-rings produced each month
3 logistic centers, France, USA, Hong Kong
Compression presses from 0,5T to 1,600T

Turnover by Porite corporation activity

Car sector 40 %
Other 24 %
Power tools 18 %
Electric motors 9 %
Home appliances 9 %

Turnover by Porite Taiwan activity

Car sector 38 %
Power tools 25 %
SOFC 17 %
Other 11 %
Home appliances 9 %

Turnover by Porite Yangzhou activity

Car sector 45 %
Power tools 24 %
Home appliances 20 %
Other 7 %
Electric motors 4 %